The things we do!

"It is in the nature of a veterinarian to want to give something back to the community that supports them"


Delta Dog

Dr Hendrika Tegelaar and her Delta Dog, Tyson, visit the elderly each week. I'ts amazing how well older people in care look forward and respond positively to seeing them. Tyson can really annimate the most withdrawn!

Bear Cottage

We attend to the veterinary needs of Scooter the Bear Cottage dog who in return brings so much happiness to the sick kids of our community. We can reveal he is as sweet at the vets as he is while working! But does not like to leave SVH until he has his fare share of dried liver treats.

Dogs Day Out

Every year we are there, come rain or shine! We enjoy actively participating in this great annual event organised under the auspices of Manly Council. Each year all our staff, nurses, receptionists and vets man a stall, with free veterinary advice and goodies to give away.

Wildlife care

It is not unusual for distressed members of the community to visit Seaforth Veterinary Hospital (SVH) with injured wildlife. We take care of all wildlife brought into SVH with the hope of returning them back to the wild in a healthy state as soon as possible. WIRES provide excellent back up support to this service. We unfortunately cannot cure every case but we do our best. We have even devoted a whole ward upstairs for their recuperation.


The Pet PEP program was developed by the Australian Veterinary Association to assist schools to incorporate learning about pets and other animals into curriculum programs. In essence, to enhance children's understanding of animals.

We have been actively promoting this idea by visiting local schools, giving talks and conducting demonstrations. This has proved to be most popular with some schools being visited more than once.

Responsible pet ownership is only part of the program, other topics include child safety, health issues and animal awareness. It is hoped that animals are not only better cared for but that overall, there is an increased awareness of safety and environmental conservation.