Red Tape

"There is a mountain of regulations and paperwork to get through, so start as early as possible!"

Exporting your pet

Dr David Collins is AQIS (Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service) acredited for companion animal export. This means at Seaforth we can now do the examination and testing of dogs and cats that are emigrating.

[However during his absence from 2008-2010 Please refer to Mosman Veterinary Clinic for your Export Needs Tel:ph: (02) 9960 2856]

If you think you are moving overseas with your pet. you should contact us as early as possible. as there is a mountain of regulations and paperwork to get through. The UK, for example, requires rabies vaccination and testing to be completed 6 months before departure. Other countries like New Zealand require blood testing for diseases such as Babesia and heartworm. The USA does not specifically require rabies vaccination, but it is recommended as the disease is endemic there.
The main countries people are exporting animals to are the UK, and to New Zealand. The export requirements for each country vary, so as well as microchipping, general health checks and vaccinations. and satisfying IATA (International Animal Transport Association) requirements. each country has regulations regarding disease vaccination and prevention. Travel arrangements can be made by Pet Travel Companies, who will organise the flight and crate for your pet.
We can then check the requirements of your destination country, see whether import permits are required, blood tests or treatments necessary, and sort out the pre-export checks and treatments as required. An official AQUIS vet must also check your pet just prior to departure.