Keeping Abreast

"We do our best to keep clients updated on costs incurred during hospital stays. This can be difficult in rapidly progressing cases. A client can at any point in the day request their current balance and projected costs. We encourage them to do so"

Financial Issues

Our Policy

At Seaforth Veterinary Hospital payment is at time of collection of your pet. We do not run accounts.

 If you know you will have financial problems paying a large bill please mention this to our staff before collection of your pet, as in special circumstances we can try to accommodate for your predicament.

Please note:

  1. We encourage clients to keep up to date on expenses incurred in hospitalised cases.
  2.  We can and do provide estimates. For difficult / complex cases they can only be just that i.e., estimates as there are ongoing costs in any investigation.
  3.  Larger expenses will always be discussed and consent obtained before we proceed. In life threatening situations clients must understand that we need to act quickly and it is not always possible to obtain consent for every last procedure.
  4.  It is a condition of our consent form that we are free to act in the animals best interest in cases of emergency and we will contact the client as soon as is reasonably possible once the animal is stable.

Ask our receptionists about GM Care Credit for financial assistance in paying unexpectedly large veterinary bills.