I've can't cope!

"I don't know how many clients claim that nothing works in controlling their pet's fleas. They do work, the problem is one of reinfestation, the source of which can be difficult to identify"

Flea Questionnaire

During the flea season clients will often complain that none of their flea products appear to be working. They will come in and ask if an alternative product is likely to work more effectively.

Our advice is that the apparent failure of any one product often relates to factors other that the product itself.

 So before you change your product you should consider running through the Frontline Online Questionnaire as it may identify where you are going wrong with your flea control. You may want to do this with one of our nurses during a nurse consult. If so please call 9949 1288 to book your nurses consult.

If you wish to try the questionnaire yourself then Click this link to access this website.

Although it is a US website the principles apply equally to the Australian environment.