What's the problem?

"As vets, unlike human doctors, we have a unique ability to prescribe and supply medicines to our clients. We take this responsablity seriously and will only supply S4 (prescription drugs) when they are seen to be indicated. We cannot and do not supply medicines by request"

On the Supply of Prescription Only Medicines

On prescribing prednisolone 

Dogs with itchy skin are often prescribed Prednisolone. This is an S4 drug. As vets we frown upon chronic Prednisolone dosing for a whole raft of reasons (Click Here to understand the reasoning behind this philosophy).  We will re-supply them only if we think it is warranted and only after the animal’s record has been consulted. If the veterinarian has any doubts about re-supplying this drug they may request to see your pet first. This is done in strict concern for your pet’s health and well being. Please do not get annoyed with our receptionists if they are simply carrying out the legal demands of our profession.