"The cheapest insurance policy you are ever likely to see"


A microchip is a small (size of a rice grain) quartz transducer that is implanted beneath the skin of your pet. The only information it contains is a number. It is not a tracking device.
 Although only a number this number will be unique to your pet. When implanted you fill out your registration details. The number is then unique to your pet.
 You may wonder why then not just use a collar and tag? These can be lost. It is very rare for a microchip to dislodge (only possible if implanted incorrectly). Indeed they can only be removed surgically.
Once registered it is impossible for your pet to become lost! How wonderful is that? All vets, re-homing centres, councils have scanners. They have secure access to the database of registration. Within minutes you can be called and informed of your pet’s whereabouts. No longer the heartache of losing a pet, the worry whether you will ever see it again, the fear it may be in pain and you cannot help it.
Remember that in NSW microchipping is compulsory. But do it for your pets sake, not merely to abide by the law. It is probably one of the cheapest Health Insurance Policies for your pet you are ever likely to see!


There are two registers.
NSWCAR. This is the compulsory database. Your local council will charge you a fee for lifelong registration. Vets can now access this database. However we also recommend you register with…
Australian Animal Registry. The additional charge for this registration is small and well worth it.  Whereas the NSWCAR is specific to NSW only, the AAR is Australia wide, and this gives you peace of mind when travelling interstate with your pet or even covers the rare event where your pet is stolen and taken interstate!
To learn more about your legal responsibilities please refer to:
Local Government Information - all about registration, microchipping and more......