Adrenal Disease

"When it comes to testing the adrenal glands we need to know how they respond to stimulation or supression. These tests take time"

Cortisol screening tests

The need to test for under function (Addison's disease) or over function (Cushing's disease) of the adrenal glands is common in the older dog. These tests take time.

There are 2 main screening tests performed at SVH, both for the detection and monitoring of Cushing's and Addison's Disease.

ACTH Stimulation: takes 1 hour only. So it can be performed any time of day up to 5pm say. Animal needs dropping off. However it is best not to feed them 12 hours before any bloods so morning is easiest on the animal.

ACTH for Triostane Efficacy: When we wish to assess the efficacy of Trilostane, the ACTH stim. test is optimally run 4-6 hours after the morning dose of trilostane. eg moring dose at 6am then ACTH stim. test at 12 noon.

ACTH for Lysodren Efficacy: This can be done at any time during the day.

Dexamethasone Screening: This takes 8 hours, so the animal MUST be dropped off by 10 am at latest to fit the test into the day. Again starve over night for best results.