Really Necessary?

"Remembering the old adage that 1-year in human years is equivalent to 7 years of aging in cats and dogs, (which is roughly correct), you can begin to understand the need for cats and dogs to have two routine visits a year to their vet. "


The Seven Plus Health Check

Just like humans, as our cats and dogs age it is important they see their “GP” more often.
We all know that as people approach their 60’s, visits to the doctor seem to creep up on them and by your 70’s you never seem to be away. This allows us to keep healthy in our senior years. Detecting a disease process earlier means more timely and effective intervention.
Well for cats and dogs the magic age for all this is 7 years old.
Below 7 years of age most pets typically have a routine visit once a year for an annual health check and any vaccines required, (in addition to the occasional visits for accidents or illness during the year).
One of these routine visits coincides with yearly vaccination. The second routine visit is what we call the 7-Plus Health Check. (7+). Using our computer we can organise a reminder for the 7+ to occur about 6 months on from the vaccine.

What happens at a 7+?

History is taken with special attention to telltale signs of impending disease
Full clinical examination of all body systems is performed
If indicated, a urine sample is obtained and analysed
If indicated a blood sample is taken.

What are we looking for?

We check for any abnormalities but in particular we are looking for:
Unusual lumps both on the body and more subtly, internally.
Changes in drinking and urinary patterns that can alert us to a whole range of diseases of old age.
Sudden significant changes in body weight or condition.
Heart murmurs and arrhythmias.
Lameness and osteoarthritis.
Poor dental condition as these days it is believed periodontal disease can lead to accelerated heart and kidney disease.
So if you receive a 7+ reminder this winter please do not hesitate to respond and make an appointment.