Fat Busters

"Our weight clinic comes without a Marjorie Dawes!"

Nurses Weight Clinic

As Vets our concern is the increased disease risk (such as diabetes, heart disease, urinary blockages etc) and reduced quality of life (severe osetoarthritis) that comes with excess weight. We are not making an aesthetic judgment of your pet.
An animal's weight is relative and your vet is best qualified to make an unbiased judgment on your pet's weight status.
Pets become overweight through overfeeding (and to a lesser extent through insufficient exercise). Very rarely will it be hormonal!
If your vet assesses your pet to be overweight then consider enrolling them in our Weight Clinic. If has many advantages over attempting to diet the animal yourself.

  • Bathroom scales are remarkable for their inaccuracy. At our hospital, situated in the waiting area, we have a highly reliable set of walk-on scales designed for pets.
  • Trying to diet your own pet by withholding food usually ends in failure. Hence why so many clients are aware of
    the problem but have given up trying. We offer a number of high quality reducing diets guaranteed to achieve weight loss while at the same time satisfying your pet's hunger pangs!
  • The Slimmer's club is structured in a way that compliance (by pet, client and their family) is much more readily achieved.

    Our program

  • We first identify if there is a need for enrolment
  • Set a realistic target weight range for your pet.
  • Determine the best formulation of diet to suit your pet and budget.
  • Calculate the amounts required to be fed so as to reach targets.
  • Discuss how best to introduce new diets to pets to minimize rejection.
  • Decide an appropriate re-weighing interval.
  • Set up a computer generated graph for you to keep and monitor your pet's progress.
  • You will then revisit at the required interval for re-weighs. Dietary amounts are reassessed depending upon progress. Palatability of the diet may be discussed if meeting with difficulties.
  • On the visit when your pet reaches target (and they will!) you can discuss with the staff, maintenance diets. All the hard work will not have been in vain!

You will be amazed at how much vitality your pet will regain. You will also be guaranteeing them a happier, healthier future, which ultimately is what all pet owners want!