Born Free!

"..and our services are free for injured wildlife, so please be patient with our staff as at certain times of year we can be inundated with wildlife"


Wildlife brought to Seaforth Veterinary Hospital is Vet checked and treated free of charge. This is a free service and we spend many thousands of dollars a year supplying it, so please be patient with our staff.

 In any busy week at Seaforth Veterinary Hospital numerous species of injured wildlife pass through our doors. We care for and treat them as a community service, free of charge.

You are probably wondering what happens next to the animal you have just dropped off. The general approach is as follows:

We need basic details from you such as your contact number and where the animal was found. This allows WIRES and Sydney Met. to release the animal back into a familiar environment/territory, increasing its chances of survival.
We are happy to supply follow up on any individual case. Just phone.


Sydney Metropolitan Wildlife
9413 4300

8977 3333