Rapid diagnosis

"Digital x rays allows for rapid diagnosis. We all benefit from this great technology"

Digital X Ray Technology

At Seaforth Veterinary Hospital we like to keep at the forefront in veterinary medicine. As such we were one of the first general practices in sydney to adopt digital x ray technology .

All very nice, but what does this mean for you the client?

Digital x ray acquisition means we no longer require conventional x ray film, a dark room or all the toxic chemicals that go with it.

The benefits extend to everyone:

  • Greener product, less pollution. We all benefit.
  • Reduced x ray exposure by the pet. Images can be digitally enhanced so there is no need to repeat x rays for better exposure settings as often happens.
  • Reduced exposure of staff to x rays, for the same reasons.
  • Faster processing time. From plate to viewable image is now a mere 90 sec. Faster turn about means animals are under anaesthetics for reduced times, making things safer.
  • Eliminating chemical exposure of staff.
  • Improved image storage and retrieval for the client.
    Each client gets a DVD copy of the x-rays. Previously x rays had to stay on site for 5 years, but now the client can take a copy home to show the family.
  • E-mailable copies for quick referral to specialists for difficult cases.
    No need for a dark room means increased space in the hospital where floor space is a premium.

One thing is for sure, it is a great advance for our hospital and the service we offer our clients!